Cash Price: $1575.00 | Down Payment: $157.50 | 36 Mo. Rent: 66.10

Above prices include delivery and sett up within: 30 miles of sales lot where purchase was made.  $3.00 per loaded mile will be charged over 30 miles.

NOTE: On all sales a 10% down payment is required at time of ordering.  Over mileage fee is collected at time of delivery.

Customer Responsibility

Play set site must be level; if not level it must be prepared before delivery.  For play set we need clearance as wide as play set plus 6 inches.  There is a $75.00 charge for fence removal, but please remember there are some fences that we can’t remove.  Please call the delivery crew before delivery date.  An additional $250 charge will be added for having to return because of inaccessibility.  Inaccessibility may also delay delivery up to 6 weeks.

Thank You.

All Monthly payments are plus Tax.

All Tax is based 7%.

All Pricing includes natural sealer.


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